Pressroom Technologies


Strike-thru Varnish Effects

Gloss/dull effects can be applied by way of either conventional or UV pressroom techniques. Each application is unique and is used depending upon the desired effect. Strike-thru varnishes are applied with a printing plate followed by an overall flood coat of gloss coating. The applied varnish 'reticulates' through the gloss coating resulting in a fine, screened dull effect. This effect can be applied either "coarse' or 'smooth' depending upon the requirements of the artwork.


PermaFrost Coating Effects

By applying special effects coatings to foilboard and foil stamping we can achieve the look and feel of a frosted surface. For best results we suggest a spot application to enhance specific parts of the printwork.

Raised UV Coatings

Utilizing UV coating technologies, sheet decorating is brought to a whole new level. Raised UV coatings can be applied to simulate more expensive stocks or draw focus to a specific part of the print work. Raised UV Coatings can also carry glitters and pearlescent effects for increased consumer appeal.


Interference Coatings

For your next project you might consider brilliant Interference coatings. This dazzling inline press effect can be incorporated into your artwork for an added pop to your work. The sample to the right shows the effect of green interference coating applied over black ink. The results are striking!


Silversheen Metallic Coating

Silversheen is a unique alternative to foil stamping and when combined with PMS or process inks can bring a dazzling effect to your printed work. Silversheen is brighter and more viscous than metallic inks and offers more reflective results. See the details on this pressroom technology on the Solutions at Work page.


Pearlescent Coatings

Pearlescent coatings come in a variety of colored flake options to compliment your print work. Pearlescent coatings can be applied both in-line and off-line. This depends upon what effect is desired. Thicker pearlescent coatings must be applied as a silkscreen off-line. This example shows both inline pearlescent coating followed by an off-line glitter coating as seen outlining the snowflake.


Soft Touch Coatings

Soft Touch coatings give the press sheet the supple suede-like feel without utilizing more expensive stocks. Since the coating is applied after the inks the entire sheet (whether printed or not) takes on the Soft Touch feel. Our Soft Touch coatings are formulated for either sheet work or packaging with special additives to make the coating more durable. Call us today for a sample packet of this remarkable coating technology.

Grit UV Coatings

To give a tactile or added dimension to your project you might consider a Grit coating. This coating when applied can take on the look and feel of any rough surface.