Pressroom Technologies

Die Cutting

Patterned Die Cutting

Whether it is a folding carton or a complex pattern, Die cutting serves many purposes in the printing industry. To achieve best results requires a sharp die, the proper durometer of release rubber and skilled operators. JohnsByrne Die Cutting department brings home awards on a regular basis for their outstanding die cutting and embossing skills.

Patterned Die Cutting Example


Kiss Cutting

Kiss Cutting is a popular technique for producing items such as tear-away instant win cards. This technology requires a heavy dose of die cutting and automatic folding and gluing expertise. Kiss Cutting is great for producing functional direct mail and slider reveals.

Kiss Cut Example

High Die Cutting

High Die Cutting is a preferred alternative for smaller products such as labels, paper and plastic membership cards, coupon books and playing cards. This high-speed process involves making a circumferential  cut to a stack of printed material. Cutting through several inches of material per cut, high die cutting allows fast production of quantities over one million pieces.

High Die Cut Example