Pressroom Technologies


Sculptured Embossing

Sculptured Embossing is a highly specialized pressroom technique that requires both skill and craftsmanship to achieve the desired results. To achieve the greatest detail requires the right paper and several rounds of testing press pressure. This example shows how a sculptured emboss works in registration to the coatings and presswork to enhance the look of the package.

Linen Debossing

Linen debossing takes ordinary stocks and makes them  extraordinary! Packaging is a great application for this technology but other products can also benefit including direct mail and book covers. Linen Deboss is a pattern applied to the front of the press form to achieve the look of a cross-hatched fabric pattern. As to other applications, designers are only limited by their imagination as to what is possible.


Microembossing is a technique that utilizes a laser etched die with a variety of complex or repeated patterns. Many striking effects can be achieved including this example. The client was looking for their envelope to look like carbon fiber. Microembossing the sheet achieved the desired look and feel.

Security Microetched Foils

Security Microetch consists of a holographic foil that is embossed with a complex pattern. This technology has the ability to achieve details so intricate they are virtually impossible to replicate or counterfeit. This makes them perfect for projects requiring a highly secure label or a tamper-proof application.