Pressroom Technologies

Foil Effects

 Flat Foil Stamping

A staple to any high end promotional piece, JohnsByrne brings foil stamping to a new level by offering clients this service as part of an end-to-end solution. Flat foil comes in a variety of colors to match any style or branded project. JohnsByrne has a complete foil library with many popular colors and patterns.

Spot Foil Overprinting

Spot Foil Overprinting is a unique combination of pre-foil stamping the press sheet and applying inks to the foil stamped area. By incorporating opaque whites the sheet comes alive with dimension and color. Spot foil overprinting is a great solution when only a portion of the finished piece requires foil or a combination of foil effects are required.

Combination Foil Stamping

By combining stamping foils you can create stunning effects that transform the printed sheet. This trading card was flat foil stamped in gold followed by a registered holofoil stamp.

Refractor Foils

A refractor foil is achieved with a combination of print and finishing special effects. By changing the direction of the holographic pattern the print-treated area refracts light giving unusual and sometimes surprising results.