JohnsByrne leads the industry in special effects printing and lenticular printing remains one of our specialties! By incorporating lenticular effects your printed piece comes to life! There are many interesting applications where lenticular is used including:

  • Postcards
  • Direct Mail
  • DVD/CD Covers
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Point Of Purchase
  • Promotional Products
  • Trading cards
  •  Please contact us for a free lenticular technologies guide. This useful worksheet gives you all the necessary details on setting up your files successfully to ensure a smooth lenticular project.  However, for a short version, see our online quick reference lenticular guide.

    Flip Lenticular Effect:

    The Flip effect turns visual elements of an image on and off giving a “before-and-after" or “cause-and-effect” result to your piece. The flip effect can be used in combination with other effects.

    Motion Lenticular Effect:

    The motion effect plays image frames like a looping motion picture projector. These movie clips can be comprised of:

    • Computer-generated animation
    • Video
    • Time-lapsed photography
    • Motion picture film
    Zoom Lenticular Effect:

    The zoom effect forces visual elements to be propelled forward. This effect is a great tool for focusing attention or drawing the viewer's focus towards a particular part of the image. Some other great uses of the zoom effect include:

    • Featured product
    • Company logo
    • Marketing message 
    Morph Lenticular Effect:

    The Morph effect dynamically transforms one visual element into another.  A great application for a retroactive comparison includes:

    • New product
    • Revised or New Logo
    • New Technology

    The Morph effect can be used in combination with other effects for added impact.

    Depth/3-D Lenticular Effect:

    3D creates the illusion of depth by positioning visual elements on different spatial planes. The 3D effect is enhanced by objects that appear to move at different speeds or vary in size.