Quality Management

JohnsByrne Company offers customers an “end-to end”-solution. From design through shipping, our Quality Management System (QMS) is geared to reduce wasted time, wasted material, and wasted effort. Since we contribute from the outset to the finished package and/or printed product, our QMS contains the following features:

  • A Client Services “customer requirements-driven” team that establishes long lasting relationships with clients and ensures requirements are made specific for Project Managers who oversee the execution of a project from concept to completion
  • Extensive review and control over innovative design work with an eye toward “design for manufacturability” and an ear to ensure the client's requirements are heard
  • Daily production and quality management meetings that coordinate our scheduling system with our print production system to closely monitor on-time performance and efficiently deploy resources
  • G7 Master "Proof-to-Print" Color Management across prepress and pressroom ensuring consistency and repeatability
  • Effective testing techniques like dyne levels of plastic, paper/board quality and composition, coefficient of friction properties, numerous abrasion tests and durability tests
  • A cross-functional scorecard approach which includes all departments and drives improvement because no employee is left behind in the QMS.
  • A highly effective root cause elimination system including:
    • Improvement driven operational audits
    • FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certification
    • SFI-Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certification

The benefit to our clients is a creative and innovative one-stop solution executed from “concept-to-completion” through an extremely well-conceived and executed Quality Management System that provides the greatest odds for a successful project. In short, our goal is to ship excellence.