Structural Design

Innovative. Adaptable. Aggressive. Those are just some of the words JohnsByrne clients use to describe our structural design capabilities. Our team is steeped in the nuances of our unique, end-to-end design philosophy, enabling JohnsByrne to deliver cost-effective and application appropriate functionality for nationwide clients in the health & beauty, pharmaceutical, entertainment and specialty product industries.

Diverse Creative Capabilities

We attempt to make anything brought to us work; and have been successful with many original takes on packaging/display work. In some cases clients will provide a rough sketch as to their vision and we take it from there.

Alternative Designs

We voluntarily provide alternatives to what the customer is requesting if we feel there is a better route to their goal.

Electronic Die Setup

For maximum efficiency and project throughput we prepare our dies electronically for finishing in-house which allows us maximum control of the production sequence and the final product.

Functional Printed Proofs

We are capable of producing structurally functional printed mockups and premium mockups for customer review in design. By "proving out" the structure as a digital printout the client can see where the artwork will fall on a finished, physical structure. This proofing process is just one more security step to ensure a smooth finish to your project.

3D Renderings

We are capable of producing PDF 3D renderings of multiple ideas for you to select or preview prior to design.

Assembly Instructions

Created in-house to instruct the end user how to assemble and use the products.

Design for Manufacturing

JohnsByrne design staff is trained in identifying efficiencies and fitness for production. This includes sheet optimization in which we design to fit a maximum number of impressions on a press form to modifying the design and enable the product to be automatically folded/glued.