Pressroom Technologies

Substrates Gallery

Wood Veneers

Printing offset on wood veneer is a process developed by JohnsByrne over 15 years ago. JohnsByrne can print and finish a variety of veneers including Maple, Oak and Ash.  Please contact us for further details on this highly specialized print technology.



Canvas, Satin or cotton velour are just a few options for offset printing on fabrics. In this example of a baseball card, the canvas hatch pattern gives the print work the look and feel of an oil painting. This print/substrate technology works great for products such as luxury packaging and book covers.


Metalized Papers

Metalized Papers are not to be mistaken for foil board. This high-gloss, holographic paper comes in a variety of patterns and can even be manufactured to your exact specifications for a truly unique look. These innovative papers can also be customized to register artwork to your offset printwork!

Bonded Leather

This material is manufactured in a similar fashion to paper as it begins as a pulp and converted to a sheet. Think of set-up boxes, book covers or specialty packaging that requires a slick look. JohnsByrne has over 20 years of experience in offset printing on exotic stocks.



JohnsByrne has an award-winning history of outstanding plastics printing. From packaging to specialty applications you can trust JohnsByrne to clear up the uncertainties that accompany your plastics printing challenges. Whether it is lenticular effects or Second Surface printing you need, JohnsByrne is the trusted name in plastics UV printing up to 40 point.


Foil Board, Mylar and Met Poly

Producing your work on metalized polyesters and foil board brings much perceived value to your packaging or print work. The brilliant reflective qualities of foil can elevate your finished work to a new level by adding dimension and eye-catching effects. For best results foils are normally printed UV for achieving the best reproduction. Incorporate sculptured or  microembossing to your work to add even more impact to your product.