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Is Your Packaging and Business Ready for Child Resistant Regulations?

New markets and new products bring about many questions. This cannot be truer for the cannabis market. The growing number of states legalizing recreational cannabis is just as widespread as new regulations for packaging. Each state defines the packaging requirements for recreational use, including the need for CR (child-resistant) features. States also have their own…

Packaging for Cannabis Edibles: Ensuring Safety and Branding

The growing cannabis edibles market is dealing with massive challenges in packaging and extensive compliance issues. Creating unique, appealing packaging for cannabis edibles products requires thorough knowledge of state regulations, as well as the breadth of skills to create packaging designs that present the product in the most enticing way to buyers browsing the shelves. Branding Cannabis Edibles…

Industry Challenges: Why Quick Turn-Around Packaging is Critical in the Cannabis Industry

Timing plays a critical role in the success of any product first getting to market, and this is even more important in an emerging industry like cannabis. Breakout brands typically establish themselves early on, are more likely to be successful long term because they had a chance to develop brand recognition, and are able to…

Industry Challenges: How Packaging Can be the Cannabis Industry’s Biggest Differentiator

Competition is fierce in any sector, but this is particularly true of emerging industries that are experiencing rapid growth, and have not yet firmly established who the industry leaders are. The legal market for cannabis is both new and continually expanding, as regulations across the country are gradually loosened, demand for legal cannabis products surges….

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