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Choosing the Perfect Packaging Type for Your Product

The world of packaging is a large one, and it might seem challenging to navigate. Seemingly endless options are available to create fun and imaginative packages to carry your “precious cargo.” However, beyond the visual appearance, the right product package design should also consider sustainability, functionality, brand imaging and demographic appeal. At JohnsByrne, we are…

6 Considerations for Developing Compelling Nutraceutical Packaging

The nutraceutical product industry has been growing rapidly in the past decade. But, what exactly is a nutraceutical product? Nutraceutical, derived from the combination of “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical,” is defined through three different categories: functional food and beverage, dietary supplements and nutricosmetics. Medical-grade anti-wrinkle topical creams or special-dietary supplements are two popular forms of nutraceuticals….

Leading Practices for Developing Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable practices in businesses provide many benefits to a company. It can provide a positive marketing selling point to consumers, especially those who support the going-green trend. Over time, sustainable practices will become money and energy saving investments for companies, some with goals of becoming a completely waste-free organization. Choosing sustainable packaging is a great…

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