Luxury & Decorative Folding Cartons That Shine

luxury decorative premium carton packaging

When it comes to packaging your product, you want only the best.

When customers see your product in stores, you want that first impression to be positive—and lasting. JohnsByrne can help redefine your brand with our award-winning, custom packaging

A Difference You Can Feel

For our decorative and luxury packaging options, we press the limits to limitless. Whether you already have an idea for your luxury packaging product or need our expert advice to create one, JohnsByrne is there to make your brand the best it can be.

Need more ideas? See what limitless creativity we can deliver with our folding carton solutions:

Finishes, Effects and Structural Designs to Bring Your Product to Life

Our equipment is constantly updated to bring you the best printing and finishing technology available. Our press technology invites you to dream and provides you more creative freedom to experiment with coatings, varnishes and inks. Take decoration to a whole new level using embossing and foil stamping techniques that bring ultimate dimensionality and captivating brilliance. We have a variety of capabilities to create the best luxury packaging for your brand, including:

With our streamlined end-to-end capabilities your decorative packaging vision won’t get stuck in a bottleneck. Using JohnsByrne means meeting your deadlines with an excellent product.

Where Technology and Luxury Meet

JohnsByrne has access to cutting-edge printing options. We are a G7-certified printer, which means our entire pressroom is calibrated and G7-certified to consistently produce high-quality prints all the time, every time. Combined with our superior color-matching capabilities, this allows you to explore other new decorative packaging ideas while holding spot-on color for your signature brand. When you choose JohnsByrne for your decorative and luxury packaging needs, you know you’re getting the best in the industry.

Experience the G7 difference

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