SFI Certified

SFI Certification for Environmentally Conscious Packaging

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Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification represents companies that care about the environment.

SFI certified-businesses, like JohnsByrne, offer paperboard materials harvested from sustainable forests and follow practices that are environmentally conscious.

What are SFI Standards?

The SFI standards represent responsible practices in environmental, social and economic sectors—values that JohnsByrne upholds every day. What does SFI do for our communities and environment?


  • Promotes research to continually improve forestry practices.
  • Protects forest ecosystems, including water quality and habitats.
  • Protects land with ecological, historical or cultural importance.
  • Hosts training and outreach programs that teach responsible forestry.
  • Supports workers rights.

To become certified, JohnsByrne submitted to a thorough auditing process from certification bodies that reviewed our records and procedures thoroughly. Anything lower than the 70 percent threshold of SFI standards requires manufacturers and packaging providers to transparently label materials as not SFI certified. The SFI Fiber Sourcing Standards are especially important to a custom packaging company as we use paper materials for our custom folding cartons, high end direct mail, point-of-sale displays and more, but also work with wood substrates. JohnsByrne is proud to show that our packaging materials are bought from legal and environmentally responsible sources.

See what else JohnsByrne does for the environment.

How Does SFI Certification Benefit Me?

SFI certification benefits businesses and consumers. As a business using packaging created by an SFI-certified company such as JohnsByrne, you are:

  • Buying consistent, high quality products from a certified source.
  • Improving forest management practices worldwide.
  • Improving your company’s image by showing environmental consciousness.
  • Expanding international markets that believe in responsible forestry.
  • Making buying decisions easier for your customers.
  • Making it easier for your customers to be environmentally responsible.


A Commitment to Sustainability

At JohnsByrne, we offer our customers the choice of using packaging materials certified by both SFI and FSC organizations. Your company can take pride in the fact that the products we produce for you are created by leaders in environmental responsibility.

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