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JohnsByrne is a leading producer of custom rigid boxes

Rigid set-up boxes convey a high-quality product. Furthermore, rigid boxes are sturdy, protecting fragile items packaged inside of them. JohnsByrne works with you to create custom solutions that have an impact on consumers. Whether you need stock designs or a customized rigid set-box design for promotional products, our designs create a memorable and interactive experience for your customers.

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Enhanced rigid box packaging

Engineered to meet your application, our flexible manufacturing and design model fits a variety of specifications and budgets. From ultra-elegant luxury packaging to a more classic-conventional look and feel, our designs instantly engage and create that consumer connection companies crave.

In addition to creating completely custom designs, we can also add final touches that make your boxes especially stunning and stand out. Many of our designs feature-enhanced finishings including:

  • Specialty stocks (Mylar/Foil boards, etc)
  • Special coatings
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Turned edge and new ‘perfect edge’ technology

Rigid box packaging engineered for appeal and durability

Our rigid boxes and two-piece set-up boxes are ideal for those companies who need packaging with a highly attractive design and sturdy protection. At JohnsByrne, our standard set-up boxes are composed of .05 pt. chipboard. For increased strength, we can use additional chipboard up to .08 pt. and board laminations. We also have the internal engineering capabilities for vac-form trays, tipped on mask solutions, and windowing. These options are available for all our set-up boxes, including:

  • Promotional rigid set-up boxes
  • Luxury rigid set-up boxes
  • Custom rigid set-up boxes

Work with JohnsByrne to design impactful packaging

Got a new packaging design in mind? Reach out to our packaging experts at JohnsByrne. We can help you come up with a new rigid set-up box design that both protects your product and communicates your brand’s value.

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Work with JohnsByrne to design impactful packaging

Our rigid boxes are designed with sustainability in mind including structural engineering, materials, and recyclability to minimize environmental impact and help meet your sustainable packaging goals. By using paperboard inserts instead of traditional vac trays, the packaging is fully recyclable. 

 JohnsByrne is a leading producer of rigid set-boxes that have exceptional style and protection capabilities. 

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