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effective cannabis packaging solutions

Differentiate your medical and recreational cannabis with innovative, safe and effective packaging.

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With staggering market growth rates, the cannabis market has exploded in both size and offerings. Not only is the market overall on the rise, but new products are also constantly being developed and launched to meet consumer demand.

In this ever-changing, ultra-competitive market with unpredictable government regulations, growers and extractors need an experienced cannabis packaging provider who can offer innovative and safe cannabis packaging solutions that help them differentiate their brand and products while getting to market fast to generate income & revenue!

Innovative packaging development and design

JohnsByrne, a leader in custom cannabis packaging, specializes in the rapid development and quality production of innovative, value-added packaging solutions for cannabis products such as edibles, VAP pens, cartridges, pre roll tubes, oils, concentrates, dabs, distillates, and merchandise.

Our award-winning packaging solutions include:

  • Folding cartons
  • Gift boxes
  • Product launch and sales kits
  • Promotional selling aids, displays and merchandisers

Certified child-resistant packaging solutions

As cannabis products are increasingly legalized for both medical and recreational uses across the country, one of the most prevailing state requirements is for cannabis companies to have child resistant folding cartons certified to federal testing procedure 16CFR Part1700.

At JohnsByrne, we put our cannabis packaging and structural design expertise into action to produce the EPIK LOK™ packaging solution. A 16CFR Part1700 tested and certified packaging solution.

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The latest in technology to build your cannabis brand

At JohnsByrne, we understand the unique needs of the cannabis market. We pride ourselves in creating cannabis packaging products that our customers can trust.

Whether you are trying to convey efficacy, ensure safety, build credibility, achieve a high-end look, or create an approachable healthy cannabis packaging, JohnsByrne offers a wide array of print and finishing effects to transform your packaging from ordinary to remarkable.

Thanks to the latest in press and post-press finishing technology and innovative packaging development we can deliver on your vision with capabilities that include:

  • Printing on paper, plastic or exotic substrates
  • Unparalleled structural design expertise
  • Innovative finishing and press effects

In business since 1959, we provide high impact print and packaging experiences. Our team can successfully turn your cannabis packaging vision into reality, all with speed-to-market and unparalleled quality.