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custom electonics media packaging solutions

Our EPIK PAK electronics media packaging is designed to hold electronic media including discs and DVDs.

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EPIK PAK Benefits

  • More Discs Per Page:  EPIK PAK™ holds up to 4 discs per page compared to 2 discs​ 
  • Customizable: Ability to customize and hold all exact disc configurations between 12-26 discs in a single case​ 
  • Minimal Retail Footprint: Smaller footprint means less retail shelf space taken compared to competing cases​
  • Approved Templates: Existing approved templates for wraps, o-sleeves, and slip cases as replicator​ 
  • Variety: Flexibility to produce any PMS color including the outer case and inner trays.​ 

Design and Options

35mm (width) EPIK PAK™ Case ​ 

  • Holds 12-16 Disc Set (3 or 4 flip trays @ 4 Discs/tray)​ 
  • Option to have (2) additional discs that can be mounted on special hub on inside back and inside front cover​ 
  • Maximum disc storage (of 35mm case):  (16+2)=18​ 
  • Minimum disc storage (of 35mm case): 12​ 

50mm (width) EPIK PAK™ Case​ 

  • Holds 17-24 Disc Set (4-6 flip trays @ 4 Discs/tray)​ 
  • Option to have (2) additional discs that can be mounted on specially installed hub on inside back and inside front cover ​ 
  • Maximum disc storage (of 50mm case): (24+2)=26​ 
  • Minimum disc storage (of 50mm case): 17​ 

Print Options (Slip Cases)

Single EPIK PAK™ ​
35mm 12-16 Disc Set​
50mm 17-24 Disc Set​

35mm 24-32 Disc Set​
50mm 34-48 Disc Set​

35mm 36-48 Disc Set​
50mm 51-72 Disc Set​

Option to have two additional discs mounted on a special hub on the inside back and front cover.