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ensuring quality, accuracy and consistency

At JohnsByrne, our 24/7 prepress department is the front-end of our manufacturing process. Our prepress team builds the process plan from start to finish and creates proofs and print plates, ensuring quality, accuracy and consistency on every print solution process. The JohnsByrne G7-certified prepress operations assure we can meet and exceed customer-targeted expectations through a solid start-to-finish foundation. Through these techniques, we can develop an impressive printing project that presses the limits.

Color matched to your specifications and targets

Equipped with the latest prepress proofing and plating process and technology, our prepress department and its G7-certified experts are dedicated to our clients by continuing to apply the latest developments in color theory and ink technology. To perform our digital prepress printing and proofing services, we can process complex and varied file types for multiple proofing methods to adhere to your exacting specifications and bring your project to life. All proofs are marked with G7 approval to ensure compliance and color matching to your important targets.

Extensive prepress experience and expertise

Our prepress team is highly trained and flexible to work with a range of customer-transmitted files. To ensure the accuracy and quality of your project, our team can provide:

  • Color retouching
  • Alterations
  • As-needed art or layout recommendations