Awards & Recognition

Award-Winning Custom Print and Packaging Solutions

Johnsbyrne is an honored recipiant of several print and packaging industry awards

At JohnsByrne, we put our creative muscle behind every project.

Our creative department has the industry know-how to create a packaging that presses the  limits. With our company’s leading technology and professional capabilities, we have produced top packaging solutions that get noticed not only by consumers, but also packaging counsels, associations and other organizations.

Packaging Designs That Invite Success

As a leading custom packaging and printing company, we have been recipients of various industry awards, including:

  • Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)—2021 Package of the Year
  • Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)—2018 Package of the Year
  • Printing Impressions—2015 Gold Ink Award-Dimensional Printingprinting impressions top printers johnsbyrne
  • Printing Impressions—2015 Bronze Ink Award-Media Kits
  • Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)—2013 Package of the Year
  • Foil Stamping and Specialty Effects Association (FSEA)— 2013
  • Printing Impressions—2013 Gold Ink Award-Rigid Packaging
  • Hollywood Key Arts Awards—2012 GOLD-Best Packaging
  • Hollywood Key Arts Awards—2012 Bronze Packaging

High-Quality Printing and Packaging You Can Trust

With our proven success, industry-leading clients know they can trust our company’s team of print and packaging specialists to turn ideas into print and packaging realities. Come to us with your ideas for your products’ packaging, retail displays or anything else you have in mind, and we can help develop the solution you need—all within your timeline and budget.

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