Lenticular Printing for a New Perspective

Lenticular printing design for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles entertainment set

JohnsByrne utilizes lenticular printing to create dynamic depth that intrigues consumers in ways traditional printing cannot.

Are you wondering how to elevate your packaging design and provide customers with something unexpected and excited? Consider using lenticular printing to achieve this.

Why Choose Lenticular Packaging?

By using interlaced image technologies, our lenticular designs have enhanced motion effects and animations that entice consumers and drive sales. Lenticular packaging adds dimensions to the design, making it more compelling for customers to interact with. Rather than relying on a single image to convey your message, lenticular printing shows motion and transformation. This technique instantly takes your packaging strategy to the next level and ensures customers will remember the design.

Lenticular packaging is a great choice for packaging that customers will hang onto after purchasing, such as DVD cases or promotional packaging. For direct mail, this technique ensures recipients will interact with the piece for longer. In addition, lenticular printing can be used for collectors’ items to add something extra special to the packaging. Specialty packaging can even drive sales.

Custom Printed Packaging with Striking Lenticular Effects

Either through printed-on or pop-up designs, lenticular printing generates a new perspective on packaging. Our enhanced motion-effect designs fit the theme of your product, whether that’s lighthearted and fun or vivid and energizing—but they’re always engaging and eye-catching. To create lenticular images, we can incorporate the following effects with our custom printing technology:

  • Dissolve—Images fade into one another
  • Flip—Provides a “before and after” effect
  • Motion—Image frames replay in repeated loop style
  • 3D/Depth—Positions objects on various spatial planes to make images “pop”
  • Zoom—Images appear to move toward the viewer
  • Morph—Images transform into one another to present a new visual display

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Lenticular Designs Exactly As You’ve Imagined

At JohnsByrne, we implement our G7 lenticular printing to create visually compelling graphics on a variety of products, including DVD cases, direct mail, trading cards, promotional packaging and more—the options for lenticular image use are virtually endless. Our lenticular capabilities for these products include:

  • In-house interlacing
  • Foil lamination
  • Digital or offset UV
  • Printing directly on the lens, as well as direct to surface
  • Foil embossing
  • Meeting printing specifications: PSD files, 300 DPI, 1⁄2 inch bleeds

JohnsByrne specializes in lenticular printing and packaging for a wide range of industries. This look can take your packaging to the next level and create a look that will excite customers.

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