Color Management & Ink Lab

On-Site, 24/7 Ink Lab

color management printing services and color matching consistency

When it comes to color management in our printing services, JohnsByrne raises the bar for color management and demands more.

We create custom colors including special match color or PMS colors that exceed industry standards. Our color management team takes pride in matching your color targets even on difficult substrates and hitting the mark you need—every time.

Leading Ink Lab Coatings and Treatments

JohnsByrne’s in-house, state-of-the-art ink department (Ink Systems) provides 24/7 coverage. For you, this means fast turnaround times for ink creation, testing and press approvals. Working in a laboratory style environment, our ink lab team creates standard and experimental inks and coatings ensuring color consistency across various materials and processes. Our experts go the extra mile to produce innovative inks, coatings and treatments, including:

  • Gloss UV
  • Dull
  • Soft touch coating
  • Pearl coating
  • Grit coating
  • Sand coating
  • Gold and Silver sheen coating
  • Iriodin coating
  • Interference coating
  • Scented coatings and varnishes

High Standards for Hitting Hard Targets

JohnsByrne possesses G7 Master Qualification status that enables us to use the G7 proof-to-print process through the latest technology, techniques and press controls. This allows us to effectively produce a close to visual match from proof to print. In fact, our SOP for color management is 30 percent more critical in the delta-E readings of the G7 tolerance requirements. Our color management team takes pride in matching your color targets even on difficult substrates to hit the mark you need.

Learn more about our awards and recognition.

Your Ink Specialists in Action

Our team of G7-certified printing color management professionals processes your print needs with quality control to your specific print targets, including G7 grey scale within a color bar, color consistency and color balance throughout the press run. Our color management specialists take all the required measures to ensure consistency for the current print run and repeatability for future jobs by recording and storing L*A*B, chroma and hue measurements of ink along with reflecting curves with each job, ensuring your satisfaction with our color management and printing services.

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