Packaging Testing & Validation

Validation Processes for High Quality Standards

unique folding product packaging for caramel candies

At JohnsByrne, testing, inspection and monitoring validation is just as important as the printing and packaging job itself.

These packaging process validations range from industry standards to client-specific required testing. Our effective packaging techniques assure the products’ packaging is produced to its fullest potential when in production.

Leading Packaging Validation Expertise

The JohnsByrne team has experience in running validation tests to make sure packaging complies with client expectations. We’ve created packaging designs for industry-leading companies that cannot afford nor tolerate packaging failures. To ensure our printing and packaging projects meet quality standards, we perform common and specialized packaging validation tests to verify your products are protected and meet expectations. Our team can perform various required quality validation procedures for packaging, including:

  • Rub & tape testing
  • COF testing
  • Dyne level testing
  • Board stiffness & humidity testing
  • Score-bend testing
  • Opening force testing
  • Fiber testing
  • Humidity chamber testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Certified ship & drop testing

A Team for Your Packaging Testing

JohnsByrne understands each product is unique—and its packaging validation tests must be too. To ensure your packaging meets the mark, our team specialists will consult with you to determine which specific validation tests you want us to complete. When you work with JohnsByrne, we’ll take every step we can to make sure your packaging design is exactly what you want and need.

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