Press & Finishing Effects
  • micro-etching on foil for enhanced printing security
    Micro-Etching on Foil for Security Feature
  • precision die cutting for perfect print and packaging design
    Precision Die Cutting
  • Pearlescent Coating effect for printing and packaging design
    Pearlescent Coating
  • environmentally friendly recycled paperboard packaging and printing
    Printing on Recycled Paperboard
  • Raised UV coating and embossing finish
    Eye Catching Raised UV Coating and Emboss
  • UV raised coatings for product packaging design
    Eye Catching Raised UV Coating and Emboss
  • Interference finishing effect for Johnsbyrne packaging design
    Interference Coating
  • multi-layered scultured embossing for product packaging design
    Multilayered-Sculptured Emboss-Deboss
  • Silversheen coating for printing and packaging design
    Silversheen Metallic Coating
  • glitter coating and soft-touch finishing effects for product packaging design
    Combo Soft Touch and Glitter Coating
  • UV gloss coating for hair care products
    Combo Soft Touch with Spot UV Gloss Coating
  • Strikethrough UV and dull gloss packaging
    Combo UV Gloss Coating and Dull Varnish-Great Step Off!
  • Johnsbyrne plastic substrate packaging for H2O skincare
    Printing on Plastic Substrates-First or Second Surface
  • UV gloss packaging with embossing for Maker's Mark
    Combo UV Gloss Coating with Embossing
  • Health & Beauty packaging design for TIGI haircare products by Johnsbyrne
    Linen Embossing and Precision Foil Stamping on Small Lettering
  • VenEffect skin care folding carton display packaging by Johnsbyrne
    Pre-Foil Stamp and Embossing
  • Direct mail printing design by Johnsbyrne
    Flocking Effect on Red Rope
  • Quality craftsmenship in folding and gluing packaging
    Quality and Craftsmenship in Folding-Gluing
  • Johnsbyrne holofoil effects for packaging design
    Mind Blowing Holofoil Effect
  • Johnsbyrne in-line windowing design on folding carton packaging
    In-Line Windowing on Folding Cartons
  • unique display packaging for Redken beauty products
    Use of Holofoil board
  • Ninja Turtles DVD box set printing
    Turtles DVD osleeves with sculptured emboss, lenticular and gift with purchase (turtles mask)
  • unique folding product packaging for caramel candies
    Pearlcoating-Foil board-Embossing-APET carrier
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