Press384 Gives You More Creative Freedom and Innovation

It happens all the time! During the creative, innovative thought process clients often stop themselves from imagining a new effect or next level packaging idea. They think it isn’t possible to achieve it on press, as no pressroom would have the press technology, or that the idea would be too cost prohibitive.

Next time you find yourself thinking like that, stop and start thinking about Press384 from JohnsByrne!

One-of-a-Kind Press for Endless Possibilities

We press the limits for ways we can serve our clients, and our latest investment in our limitless pressroom is our 15-unit, Heidelberg triple coater press, Press 384. Configured for JohnsByrne, this one-of-a-kind press delivers more creative freedom to our customers, and is rated for speeds of up to 18k sheets per hour, so you’ll get size and speed in one convenient press.

What is Press384?

Press384 spans nearly 130 feet from end to end, and offers our customers three coaters, eight print units, and four dryer units to deliver more innovation for their projects. Even on difficult substrates, Press384’s automated, computer monitored feeder logistics system provides increased productivity at top speeds up to 18k sheets/hour. The efficiency of this press begins with a press feeder that is computer controlled for a non-stop supply of sheets for increased productivity, which translates into reduced make ready times and a higher overall output.

Built for Your Limitless Imagination

When you want to take your packaging to the next level with creativity, innovation and speed, Press384 and JohnsByrne can take you there. Don’t miss out on what this press has to offer your business. For more information about Press384 or any of our packaging capabilities, contact us today.

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