Structural Design

Structural Packaging: Design, Prototyping, & Printing

structural packaging design specialist

At JohnsByrne, structural packaging design is one of our key strengths. Our knowledgeable and diverse structural design team works directly with customers to understand their vision and their desired high-impact end result.

Our structural packaging design team produces myriad of solutions—original concept sketch, paper comps, 3D prototypes and highly functional comps that help customers visualize and make real decisions. Our team delivers concepts that are vetted with manufacturing to ensure manufacturability, all while following the JohnsByrne daily mantra of “pressing the limits” for structural packaging and display designs.

Guiding Your Structural Packaging Vision

Whether our clients’ ideas are conceptual or specific, our structural design team actively listens to guide their vision to create and present the best structural packaging and display options. We also have the ability to implement rigid set-up boxes and vacuum-formed solutions for creative product packaging that gives our clients a true vision of what their project will look like. At JohnsByrne, we go beyond what is being requested to provide clients with creative alternatives that satisfy their needs.

Making 3D, Dimensional & Pop-Up Packaging Designs a Reality

Our customers rely on our accelerated speed-to-market (STM) capabilities. We have tailored our structural design department in line with our STM model to produce quality products according to clients’ time frames. Our structural packaging design specialists utilize state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Multiple CAD cutting tables
  • 3D printer for 3D prototypes
  • Large format printer for prototype proofing
  • On-site access to pre-press, press and finishing departments for real time interaction
  • Sound chip enabled pop-up direct mail packaging from Johnsbyrne
    Direct Mail That Pops
  • Plastic product packaging for modern design solution
    Modern Plastic Packaging
  • Johnsbyrne carrier packaging for easy carry and product protection
    Customized Carriers
  • Johnsbyrne countertop barrel dispenser POP display
    Barrel Dispensers
  • Johnsbyrne direct mail pop-up packaging for customer engagement
    Over-Dramatic Messaging
  • Johnsbyrne folding carton display for product showcase
    Product Spotlight
  • Johnsbyrne twisting panel design for packaging enhancement
    Folding Cartons With a Twist
  • Johnsbyrne clam-shell packaging design for direct-mail advertising
    Contemporary Direct Mailer
  • APET packaging design for product promotion and visual display
    The APET Showoff
  • Circular display packaging for cosmetic products
    Circular Frenzy
  • Lenticular imagery is used to create a motion effect in this 4-panel cubed display
    Packaging in Motion
  • interactive structures for POP display
    Interactive Structures

Leaders in Structural Packaging Design Expertise

Our team of experts at JohnsByrne have years of experience with creating structural packaging designs that are not only unique and attention-grabbing, but functional as well. Our structural packaging allows for convenient access to the product inside and protects the product’s integrity. With our expertise, we’ll help you create a structural packaging design that is practical and conceptually fits your product and brand.

To get started on your next structural packaging design, contact our team at JohnsByrne. We’ll help you come up with impactful packaging that is memorable to consumers.

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