Custom Ecommerce & DTC Packaging to Impress

Custom Ecommerce & DTC Packaging to Impress

Connect with your customers each and every time with specialty ecommerce packaging and direct-to-consumer kits that speak volumes about your product and brand and create an intimate unboxing experience.

As a turnkey solutions provider specializing in premium packaging and ecommerce solutions, JohnsByrne has an innovative approach to turning your recurring packaging design into a purposeful and powerful tool for your brand- one that impresses immediately upon delivery and one your customers will cherish each and every time they purchase.

Truly Custom E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

While a variety of customizable e-commerce packaging solutions exist, consumers appreciate and expect unique packaging that exemplifies a brand’s commitment to their business. When the ability to touch and feel a product is not possible like it is in the retail environment, creating a memorable unboxing experience and unique packaging design is critical for online-only brands and those selling products directly to consumers.

With more than 60 years in the industry and a leader in paperboard packaging, JohnsByrne helps brands create unique packaging experiences for brands and their customers. These include:

  • Folding Cartons: Folding cartons are not only great for traditional retail packaging, they work for e-commerce as well. They offer flexibility in design, so brands think creatively when creating a design that will help their product stand out amongst competitors. Folding cartons are also usually made from a lighter paperboard, which creates more sustainable DTC packaging – an important concern to consumers who buy online. JohnsByrne can help you create a personalized folding carton that is both sustainable yet protective of the product.
  • Modular Inserts: Modular inserts are a great way to bring your packaging to the next level and leave a favorable impression on consumers. Modular inserts not only secure the product, but also make your packaging look high-end and organized. This thoughtful structural decision conveys a reliable, high quality product.
  • Specialty Marketing Collateral: Specialty marketing collateral includes anything that promotes your brand, whether it be a leaflet, product guide, post card, among other items. Because ecommerce brands do not have the luxury of marketing their product in physical retail stores, marketing collateral is a helpful way for consumers to learn more about your brand and the products you offer.
  • Shipping Components: Shipping components are an important part of ecommerce packaging design. This is because ecommerce packaging goes through more touchpoints before it reaches the customer than a retail package would. During the design process, we can help incorporate components such as padded dividers that protect the product’s integrity and prevent a damaged product arriving at a customers door.
  • Two Piece Rigid or Paperboard Kits: Two-piece rigid or paperboard kits offer a simple and sleek structural design, but also create suspense for customers as they lift the lid to reveal the product.
  • Direct to Consumer Packaging & Kits: Creating Direct to Consumer packaging that stands out can seem daunting due to the countless number of competitors in the ecommerce realm. Luckily, direct to consumer packaging and kits can help you differentiate yourself from the rest of your industry through personalized and unique packaging that resonates with your customer.
  • Subscription Packaging: Offering subscription packaging is a great way to create a point of interaction between yourself and your customers. We help create engaging subscription packaging by incorporating personalized designs that stay up to date with seasonal trends and are true to your brand. The result? A customer that is excited and engaged each time they receive their new product.

The only limit to your packaging experience is your imagination. From luxury packaging designs to functional, yet recognizable designs, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind packaging experience for your products.

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Sustainable Options

Ecommerce and DTC packaging often requires different packaging solutions when compared to packaging that is placed in retail stores. After all, ecommerce packaging needs to be sturdy enough to stay in-tact during its many touchpoints to protect the product and ensure the packaging is presentable when the customer interacts with the packaging for the first time. Sustainable materials, such as post consumer waste paper and FSC-certified materials, help improve brand image by reducing the risk of being seen as wasteful in the eyes of the consumer.

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Packaging Expertise & Industry-leading Service

When it comes to working with JohnsByrne, we don’t just work with brands, we partner with them. Our collaborative approach allows us to work directly with a brand’s team to effectively execute a joint vision of a unique, functional and brand-centric packaging design. From early collaboration to prototypes and ongoing discussions, we partner with our customers to identify the ultimate in packaging design for their products.

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