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Child Resistant Packaging

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In December 1970, the U.S. Congress passed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act with the goal of reducing the risk of poisoning children via consumption of harmful household substances, pesticides, or prescription medications.

Our Solution

In 2017, JohnsByrne developed the EPIK LOK® solution that conforms to these child-safety requirements. 

  • Certified child-resistant carton solutions
  • Federal child resistant, conforms to act16CFR Part 1700 (Poison Prevention Packaging Act)
  • Solutions for medical and recreational products (edibles, concentrates, oils, etc.) and delivery products (pens, cartridges, pipes)
  • Sustainable & biodegradable
  • Created from 100% recyclable paperboard
  • Our latest solution is more cost-effective and offers faster speed-to-market

Design Highlights

  • Patent CR Technology (for cartons)
  • Carton customizable for different product sizes/servings
  • Opaque designs
  • Resealable/ re-closable feature
  • Sustainable solution made of all paperboard
  • Zero failures from 15 million produced in the market

All with innovation, quality and speed-to-market.


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