Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging for Exceptional Products

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Specialty packaging is just that—a special way to present your products. At JohnsByrne, we consider specialty packaging to be an art form. We have an in-house team of structural designers and project managers, as well as an end-to-end manufacturing process that turns your ideas into packaging realities.

Your project may require specialty packages or product launch kits to capture the essence of the product you are promoting and to effectively connect with your consumers. We also create and produce upscale sales kits, to help your sales team promote and demonstrate, as well as  fulfillment kits, to make the receiving and opening of your product a memorable event for customers.

Award-Winning Entertainment Packaging

For specialty packaging that shines, JohnsByrne has you covered. Our specialty packaging is innovative and one-of-a-kind. It’s designed for single-releases, specific programs or launches, multi-disc packaging, and special edition collectible items. Our design concepts are the types of keepsake packaging that consumers hang onto for years to come.

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Specialty Packaging that Delivers

New Call-to-actionJohnsByrne collaborates on design to bring your ideas to life. We stay true to your company’s vision and brand with end designs that are conceived to feature effortless operation while manufactured with varying levels of customization. Experience the elegant functionality we provide with our line of kits, including:


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Your Checklists—Checked

When you work with JohnsByrne, our team will design a customized packaging solution catered to your specifications. We have the capabilities and end-to-end manufacturing to meet your specialty packaging needs, such as:

  • Kits designed to meet inventory needs (stock, pull, and erect inventory)
  • Quick and nimble operations to accelerate speed-to-market
  • Secure facility for confidential product launches/releases
  • Global supply chain and sourcing for specialty components
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