Sales Kits

Sales Kits to Promote Business

sales kit packaging

Effective sales kits are crucial for promoting your business.

A good sales kit excites and focuses your sales team to drive business and create strong brand recognition for your company. At JohnsByrne, we take a comprehensive creative approach to creating your brand’s promotional material.

Engage and Attract, with Just One Kit

When we create a sales kit for your product, we want to ensure it engages your salespeople and makes selling easier. An effective sales kit will help promote your product or service at presentations, shows, events or any other types of engagement opportunities you might have. While all sales kits share some basic elements, we know that the needs of each client vary, meaning that each kit must be custom built for maximum impact.

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Elements for Success

Whether you are showcasing a new product, service, or sales materials for your sales force, JohnsByrne collaborates and produces sales kits that are fresh and exciting. Our kits have the ‘wow factor’ that makes clients want to engage with your company products, and embrace your brand. Presentation is key and clients will judge your kit by its cover, so it is important to use an innovative packaging solutions provider that knows how to show your product or service in a compelling way with a great sales kit.

Your promotional material outlines your approach to interact with your clients. By creating a memorable experience from the start, with an innovative sales kit, you can help potential customers envision why working with your company will be a positive, rewarding experience.

Multi-Industry Expertise

Whatever your product or service is, we will find a way to make it shine to its fullest. If you already know how you want your sales kit to look, we will produce your vision with our precise technical abilities and equipment. Our highly experienced packaging team has worked in multiple industries to produce effective and innovative sales kits, including:

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