Sample Kits

Sample Kits to Entice New Sales

dimensional direct mail for Dove hair products

Sample kits are more than a brand promotion. They provide a unique experience to consumers by allowing them to try out products before making full investments.

Many industries successfully use well-designed sample kits as part of comprehensive marketing campaigns to entice consumers with a sneak peek into the quality, effectiveness, taste or smell of their products. The packaging is a unique aspect of these kit designs that will intrigue a customer and make him or her think, “I have to try this.”

At JohnsByrne, we know the impact a well-designed sample kit can have on consumers. Packaging can mean the difference between a consumer trying your product or not. Your sample kit must trigger a reaction and that engages a new or a repeat customer.

Our team of professional packaging designers works with clients from start to finish to ensure that the packaging design makes a great first impression. We understand the industry standards in sample kit designs and work with you to create extraordinary solutions that reflect your brand identity and company culture. Our successful sample kit packaging solutions include:

  • Direct mail sampling programs
  • Promo folding cartons
  • Hidden compartments
  • Unique substrates and finishes

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Meeting Industry Needs

One of the difficult parts of designing and shipping sample kits is ensuring that they arrive undamaged and in great condition for that crucial moment of truth. This ensures potential customers get their products on time and in great condition. On request, our sample kits will also include loyalty offers and retention rewards such as discounts, coupons and special offers.

Whether your company is just starting out or you’re an established business launching a new product, our sampling packaging solutions are guaranteed to make a difference in the success of your campaign. As an end-to-end solution provider, we combine years of innovation, technology and a dedication to success that regularly exceeds client needs. We have developed sampling kits for major brands such as Dove, Matrix, Nexxus and many others.

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