Folding & Gluing FAQs

Folding & Gluing FAQs

How do you monitor glue patterns?

JohnsByrne provides the most advanced glue monitoring systems. Our systems detect glue patterns depending on the structure we’re running at the time.

These monitoring systems collaborate with other controllers such as mixed detection for mixed copies at high speeds. This process detects any mixes that would come to the line that are of the same structure but a different copy.

How do you prevent mixing product?

We have several things in place to prevention mixing product. A couple are:

  • Bleeder Bar –
    A bleeder bar is a visual to alert personnel if mixing occurs. If different titles were placed on the same skid, then a bright barcode would appear to alert personnel before the product even reaches equipment.
  • Barcoded Glue Flaps –
    Each glue flap contains a barcode. Scanners integrated into our gluing system, read the barcodes at high speeds and reject anything that might be of another copy.

What styles of folding and gluing can you do?

JohnsByrne provides a variety of folding and gluing styles.

Historically, there are a lot of structures that are done by hand. Within the last 25 years, we’ve worked to make this process more machine-capable so the process can be more efficient.

Do you recycle your waste?

Yes, we recycle. With our system, we keep certain items separated on the shop floor and then recycle accordingly.

Can you apply a window to a carton?

Yes, we can apply windows to cartons. Our advanced technology allows us to window and fold cartons in line.


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