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Child Resistant Packaging : Certified & Compliant

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Most Sustainable Child Resistant Packaging in the Market

Safety is paramount and child-resistant packaging is a critical ‘must- have’ for the cannabis market. After closely examining the child-resistant (CR) carton solutions cannabis growers/extractors had, our mission was to design something that delivered robust safety, easy user functionality and great aesthetics all at the same time.

We understand that your products come in different sizes, shapes, and servings, and therefore, EPIK LOK™ comes in multiple configurations and is adaptable to fit your wide variety of products. EPIK LOK™ features:

  • Biodegradable and recyclable paperboard design
  • 100% paperboard material that reduces overall lead time
  • Sliders designed with angled panels, which eliminate hang-ups
  • Improved manufacturing process, reducing the cost of goods
  • Robust and recloseable design compliant with state packaging regulations
  • CR release mechanism located on backside of child resistant paperboard packaging leaving front clear for branding and messaging.
  • Easy to use CR release mechanism
  • Make Your CR Packaging EPIK™!

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Zero failures in the market – helping you meet child resistant packaging standards, testing & validation

Our packaging specialists have expansive experience developing innovative child-resistant packaging solutions that effectively meet industry regulations and standards. We are also familiar with CR packaging guidelines and codes.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we follow rigorous packaging development processes that can help you achieve reliable, safe packaging. Most importantly, our emphasis on collaboration ensures that your packaging vision can be developed into a packaging design that meets even the strictest of industry requirements. With zero failures in the market, EPIK LOK™ is considered the most reliable child-restraint technology in the industry.

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Certified-child resistant packaging solutions

As cannabis products are increasingly legalized for both medical and recreational uses across the country, one of the most prevailing state requirements is for cannabis companies to have child resistant folding cartons certified to federal testing procedure 16CFR Part1700.

At JohnsByrne, we put our packaging and structural design expertise into action to produce the EPIK LOK™ packaging solution. A 16CFR Part1700 tested and certified packaging solution.

Creating sustainable child-resistant packaging

Today, creating sustainable products and packaging is important to consumers. At JohnsByrne, we use effective and innovative solutions to create the most sustainable child-resistant packaging in the market that matches your target customers’ values. Some sustainable packaging techniques we use for our child-resistant packaging include:

  • Sustainable materials, such as PEFC-certified materials, FSC-certified materials and post consumer waste paper.
  • Eco-friendly finishes and decorative options, including embossing/debossing, and hot/cold foil stamping
  • Innovative child-resistant packaging designs that use less material without compromising packaging integrity
  • And more!

The latest print technology for attractive & safe packaging

An evolving marketplace that requires child-resistant packaging demands the latest in print technology to stay compliant and ahead of the competition. With a state-of-the-art pressroom featuring advanced presses such as our Press384, we are confident that we can help you bring packaging design from concept to reality without compromising aesthetics.

Whatever your packaging challenge is, we’re ready to help. With validation and deep understanding of industry standards, we can make sure your attractive packaging is safe for all.

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