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Consumer Electronics & Wearables Packaging for Next Gen Technology

Electronics Packaging Boxes

Give your customers a glimpse of the future with our innovative electronics packaging design , featuring window cutouts to provide visual insight into your wireless and electronic products, while showcasing its cutting-edge technology.

Whether it’s an open-box design or a luxury matte finish, our wearable technology solutions create excitement while increasing consumer confidence in your products.

Meeting the Design Needs of Electronics & Wearable Devices

As wearable devices join the new wireless and electronic products that are coming to market at warp speed, those with the most eye-catching designs delivered to market most quickly often win. At JohnsByrne, we combine innovation, technology and process to develop new and exciting electronics packaging that meet these needs.

With our interactive design features, we can make your electronic products’ packaging come to life. Our centralized manufacturing model allows for real-time innovation, compressed lead times, and accelerated speed-to-market. At JohnsByrne, we utilize our most advanced techniques and innovations that:

  • Showcase your products inventive and luxury product designs
  • Punctuate your points of differentiation in exciting and interactive ways
  • Make your product appeal to a “technology discerning” audience
  • Make your products stand at the consumer “moment of truth”

Electronics Packaging Designs that Setll and Protect

At JohnsByrne, we provide our consumer electronics customers with the piece of mind that their products will remain intact and secure with our sturdy and innovatively designed packaging. Our protective packaging for electronics utilizes:

  • Corrugated packaging materials
  • Rigid

Creating Eco-Friendly Packaging for Electronics

With more consumers placing emphasis on sustainability, creating sustainable packaging is not only beneficial to the environment but also helps attract people to your product. At JohnsByrne, we use innovative solutions to create our eco-friendly packaging for electronics that entice. Some sustainable packaging techniques we use include:

  • Sustainable materials, such as post consumer waste paper, PEFC-certified materials, and FSC-certified materials
  • Innovative electronics packaging designs that use less material
  • Sustainable finishes and decorative options, including embossing/debossing, and hot/cold foil stamping
  • And more!

Some of our clients include

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Consumer Electronics Packaging That Excites

Our team utilizes a variety of difficult substrates, such as mylar and clear plastics, to achieve the high-end luxury look of your product and brand, all while following industry procedures to make sure your products’ packaging is in compliance with security standards. Our solutions packaging include:

  • Folding cartons and windowing
  • Launch, sales and promotional kits
  • Specialty rigid packaging
  • Clear packaging solutions
  • POS/POP items

Create Your Next Consumer Electronics Packaging Design with JohnsByrne

Have a great idea in mind? Schedule a consultation with a packaging expert at JohnsByrne. We can help you create a packaging design that stands out and attracts your target consumer.

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