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Ombre Men Premium Personal Care Line

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Founded by Justin Tarin and Aron Marquez in 2021 with a mission to revolutionize men’s personal care, Ombré Men is a premium, sustainable, and natural personal care solution that is delivered straight to you, on your schedule.  Every product is scientifically tested and formulated using selective ingredients that are 100% derived from nature.

Ombré and JohnsByrne began working together in December 2022, kicking off our partnership with the redevelopment of the brand’s line-item cartons. As the brand’s focus was to upgrade the look and feel to each of their SKUs and select a new stock that would eliminate white edges, JB was tasked with an opportunity to develop cost effective solutions that would maintain brand color guidelines while also helping our partners attain a premium look.

Our Approach

  • As part of the JohnsByrne packaging development process, our structural engineers instituted an operational plan based off creative concepts our client provided.
  • The first stage of development involved a paperboard exploration in addition to maintaining the integrity of the artwork on black stock.
  • As the directive was to ensure whites be bright white, JohnsByrne looked at litho and  silk screen print options.

Product Development

During testing of silk screen, the uncoated stock didn’t have anything to provide ink hold out for the white silk screen ink to laydown smoothly.  If we provided the sheet with a barrier coat, the silk screen ink would be sufficient.  However, doing this would increase cost, and time to the project.

Press Test

JohnsByrne then decided to conduct a test by applying hits of varnish + White + PMS + Black.  This would be the brightest white achievable due to the size of the font on the dark stock. Our client approved and we proceeded with production.

Packaging Solution

Our structural engineering team worked with our client from concept to completion on their brand packaging redevelopment. As a solution-oriented provider, these folding cartons included:

  • New look and premium feel; helping the brand scale in the market
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable materials
  • Registered emboss throughout creating a tactile experience!

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