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digital embellishments

Our Scodix digital enhancement press provides a means for brands to achieve premium and differentiating embellishments quickly and economically. The digital enhancement press applies UV coating, foil and other tactiles effects for added depth, dimension and visual impact and provides an excellent complement to our existing printing presses and finishing equipment to round out high-end embellishment capabilities.


  • Speed-to-market for on-demand finishing and prototyping
  • Differentiating spot and tactile coatings
  • In-line foil including high definition and variable imaging
  • Variety of substrates (offset, plastics, laminated, coated / uncoated)
  • Economic embellishment, without traditional set up or dies
  • Environmentally friendly production with less waste”


Scodix digital enhancement presses provide a variety of different economic, productive, and sustainable embellishments. The embellishments are applied using a polymer process and can be flat or spot UV, built up for an embossed effect, or used as an adhesion for other materials such as foil. Use a combination of effects for greater impact including:

  • Raised glossy textures
  • Spot varnish
  • High-definition foil
  • Variable foil imaging
  • Cast & Cure effects
  • Glitter finish
  • 3D tactile
  • Metallic coloring

Learn More
Read our Elevating Brands Through Advanced Digital Enhancements blog to learn more about the various applications and process to elevate and differentiate your brand.

Watch our Scodix Ultra 6000 in action with the production of our holiday program featuring foil (including personalization), tactile coating and Cast & Cure effects.


An environmentally-friendly option for both packaging producers and brands. Being a digital process, there are several sustainable advantages to Scodix including reduced set up times., less waste and eliminating the need for traditional plates and stamping dies.

Scodix digital enhancements have also been tested by the Western Michigan University SBS Equivalency (WMU-SBS-E) testing protocol for recyclability and repulpability of digitally embellished sheets (as long as the substrate used is also certified).