Elevating Brands Through Advanced Digital Enhancement

Published On: February 1, 2024

As a leading provider of premium packaging and custom print solutions to the Beauty & Wellness, Spirits, Financial Services, Consumer Products and Entertainment markets, JohnsByrne is committed to supporting customers with elevated brand premiumization. Our latest investment in a Scodix Ultra 6000 Digital Enhancement Press provides an excellent complement to our existing printing presses and finishing equipment to round out our high-end embellishment capabilities. With next-generation digital decoration, the new press offers multiple benefits in support of customer’s seeking to enhance their brand packaging.

What is Scodix Digital Enhancement?

Scodix digital enhancement provides a means for brands to achieve premium and differentiating embellishments quickly and economically. The digital enhancement press applies UV coating, foil and other tactile effects for added depth, dimension and visual impact.

The effects are achieved through a UV-based process that applies a precisely applied polymer that can be used as a flat or spot UV coating, built up for an embossed effect, or used as an adhesive for the application of foils in varying thicknesses that can be applied to analog and digitally printed packaging.

For foil applications, the process involves three steps. In the first step, the polymer is partially cured to assure fine details and accuracy. In the second activation step, controlled curing achieves the desired thickness of the polymer. Finally, in step three, following the foil’s application, the final step of curing secures the foil to the polymer.

Since the process is digital without the need for plates or dies, it’s ideal for short and medium runs.


With Scodix technology, brands can achieve a truly memorable product for reduced volume applications with benefits including:

  • Speed-to-market for on-demand finishing and prototyping
  • Differentiating spot and tactile coatings
  • In-line foil including high definition and variable imaging
  • Variety of substrates (offset, plastics, laminated, coated / uncoated)
  • Economic embellishment, without traditional set up or dies
  • Environmentally friendly production with less waste

Scodix Enhancement Applications

The Scodix digital enhancement presses provides a variety of different economic, productive, and sustainable embellishments including:

  • Foil: cost-effective foil for short to medium runs without the need for dies
  • High-Definition Foil: fine detailing including intricate details and patterns, tiny text and large surface flat foiling
  • Variable Foil: use variable text and graphics to personalize products
  • Spot Coating: spot varnish for short to medium runs that recreates the effect of traditional analog flat varnished, but without the set-up times
  • Tactile Coating: achieves the effect of raised glossy embossing / textures
  • 3D Print Effects: add colorful sparkle effects with a high build polymer
  • Metallic: enhance printing with metallic coloring
  • Cast & Cure: unique foil application that creates high-impact, 3D holographic effects
  • Glitter: use foil and coating applications with the texture of glitter to add a shimmer enhancement
  • Braille: application for the blind and visually impaired


Scodix applications are an environmentally friendly option for both packaging producers and brands. Being a digital process, there are several sustainable advantages to Scodix including reduced set up times, less waste and eliminating the need for traditional plates and stamping dies.

Scodix digital enhancements have also been tested by the Western Michigan University SBS Equivalency (WMU SBS-E) testing protocol for recyclability and repulpability of digitally embellished sheets (as long as the substrate used is also certified).

Advantages of Scodix Printing

The Scodix digital enhancement press is an excellent complement to traditional printing presses and finishing equipment. Along with the sustainable advantages, Scodix finishing now provides options for brands with small to medium runs looking to add differentiating finishing effects quickly and cost-effectively.

For foil applications, the process is heatless and with indexing, allowing the foil to be stopped between sheets as well as between images on a sheet providing foil savings throughout the run.

The JohnsByrne Difference

At JohnsByrne, we have a long and rich history of providing innovative premium packaging to our valued clients. With the addition of the Scodix Ultra 6000 digital enhancement press, we are able to provide additional decorative solutions to existing as well as new clients.

The new press supports our commitment to ongoing and purposeful CAPEX investment to provide our customers with the latest technology for delivering elevated brand premiumization. We are dedicated to continuing to ‘press the limits’ in our mission to find solutions to make our clients more profitable and successful.

JohnsByrne took advantage of these capabilities for our holiday program. We developed a unique packaging structure featuring Scodix foil (including personalization), tactile coating and Cast & Cure. Here’s a link to watch a ‘behind the scenes’ video of the production.

With both analog and digital finishing technologies, we have the ability to cost-effectively add differentiating premium enhancements to short, medium and long runs. In partnership with our clients, our packaging experts will collaborate to understand your goals and needs, evaluate your specific application and determine the optimum approach to achieve and exceed expectations in the most cost-effective manner.

Contact us today to see samples or discuss how your brand can take advantage of the latest digital enhancement technology.

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