Luxury Set-up Boxes

Increase Your Brand Reputation with Luxury Rigid Set-Up Boxes

luxury rigid setup packaging for Fashion Fair 40

High-end name brands demand distinctive packaging that beautifully complements a quality product in style and security.

Promoting a new luxury product requires careful thought in the packaging design phase. A box must be alluring, even sexy, to appeal to the target market. At JohnsByrne, we regularly up the enticement factor with our luxury rigid set-up boxes.

Distinctive Packaging for a Discerning Market

We know you invested plenty of effort into creating a sophisticated, high-end product. In the same way, we want to dedicate effort to creating packaging that speaks to a consumer base that is accustomed to quality. One of our solutions for luxury packaging is the rigid set-up box. These eye-catching packages are usually placed facing outward on a shelf or a counter, and a quality design encourages product interaction.

Your product may demand a viewing window that is clear as glass to highlight the beauty of the product, or you may choose a subtle approach with a box that hints of the contents while protecting the quality held within. Every interaction with a luxury rigid set-up box that is designed with these considerations in mind will play on your market’s subconscious until they are enticed to buy.

Discover our pressroom effects.

Alternative Box Packaging

When picking out your luxury rigid set-up box design, you’ll never be constrained to one set of packaging rules. We’ll help you develop a solution that uniquely expresses your product’s message. We’ll sit down with you at every step of the way to ensure that your vision is fully realized. You’ll have access to our in-house team of structural designers, substrate experts, color specialists and print specialists who understand how to take your packaging design to the next level. Your packaging solutions may include:

The creative team at JohnsByrne can develop a luxury rigid set up box that begs consumers to touch it. From unique textures to soft coatings, every product interaction with one of our packaging designs will coax your high-end clientele to purchase.

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