Nutraceutical Packaging that Educates & Differentiates

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A hybrid of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals require unique and compelling packaging to meet consumer expectations. Effective packaging for nutraceuticals must enhance product credibility, send a message of wellness and deliver on perceived value.

From nutri-cosmetics to dietary supplements and functional food and beverage, we can help create packaging that will differentiate your products and stand out above the rest.

Creative Packaging for a Growing Industry

With growing consumer demand for health and wellness products, the nutraceutical industry is growing faster than ever. JohnsByrne understands the growing market and its needs. Our packaging solutions are ideal for companies looking to package:

  • functional food and beverages
  • dietary supplements
  • medicinal foods
  • nutri-cosmetics and more

With all the packaging products we create, we have an understanding of strict testing and validations. We also have a “safe room” for new product launches.

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Custom Print & Packaging to Build Trust and Communicate Efficacy

At JohnsByrne, we understand the unique needs of the nutraceutical market. With over 50 years of high impact print and packaging experience, our team of designers can successfully turn your, supplement, nutri-cosmetic or functional food packaging vision into a profitable product.

Whether you are trying to convey efficacy, build credibility, achieve high-end look, or create an approachable healthy packaging, JohnsByrne offers a wide array of print and finishing effects to transform your packaging from ordinary to remarkable.

Thanks to the latest in press and post-press finishing technology and state-of-the-art pressroom and equipment, we can deliver on your vision with capabilities that include:

  • printing on paper, plastic or exotic substrates
  • unparalleled structural design expertise
  • innovative finishing and press effects
  • print and ink color management

Innovative Specialty Print and Finishing Press Effects

Helping you create the right packaging that drives sales and builds trusts in your product is our priority. Our specialty print and finishing press effects for nutraceutical and nutritional packaging include:

  • gloss and raised UV coatings
  • pearlescent coatings
  • specialty coatings
  • metallic sheens
  • reticulation effects
  • embossing and debossing
  • foil stamping and more


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A Wholesome Approach to Packaging

At JohnsByrne, our approach to bringing your packaging design to reality begins on day one. Our wholesome approach to manufacturing your product’s packaging begins with a true understanding of your goals, your product and the market. Our process, consisting of three stages:

      • early collaboration
      • conceptualization
      • execution

allows us to formulate a packaging that drives sales and helps you accelerate your product to market. Whether you are launching a new line of high-end dietary supplements, nutri-cosmetics or a functional food or beverage product, we will press the limits on innovation to make your product shine.

The Perfect Combination of Expertise and Innovation

Finding a trusted and experienced supplier for your packaging needs is key to the success of your product launch and ongoing marketing and sales goals. At JohnsByrne, our team of printing and packaging specialists will guide you to a packaging design that is well engineered and establishes your product in the market. By pressing the limits on innovation and print technology, we can bring to life even your most creative packaging ideas.

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