5 Ideas For Environmentally & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Published On: March 23, 2017

An increasing number of companies are awakening to the importance of sustainability in product packaging. With billions of tons of packaging waste populating landfills across the world, brands are looking for ways to incorporate materials and construction methods that make less of an impact on the planet.

Although these environmentally friendly packaging initiatives are primarily selfless in nature, they offer additional benefits such as allowing companies to build better reputations among their like-minded customers.


Fortunately, options abound for businesses seeking to adopt more sustainable packaging practices. Innovative environment-friendly packaging methods that help the planet include:

1. Use recyclable materials for environmentally friendly packaging.

Plastic, paperboard, cardboard and other materials can be reconstituted to create new items. Talk with your packaging manufacturer to find out which materials will meet your budget, needs and values before beginning production. Both recycled and recyclable materials come from a variety of sources and can be adapted to your packaging with ease.

2. Consider unique, innovative, or high tech materials.

For instance, using inks made from foods or milk proteins rather than harsh chemicals, or bioplastics, plant-based packing peanuts, and rainforest-friendly paper are just a few ways you can help the environment with your packaging choices.

3. Go natural for environment-friendly packaging.

Sustainable packaging has become increasingly popular over the past few years as companies have recognized that materials healthy for the environment attract a niche, yet growing, consumer audience. Packages made from natural materials like recycled, virgin or dye-free paper present a lesser burden on the environment.

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4. Trim the fat.

A significant amount of waste occurs at the warehousing and retailer levels. Talk with your packaging manufacturer about creating custom packaging boxes to preserve space and materials throughout the distribution process. Minimalist packaging provides a sleek, clean aesthetic that appeals to consumers, while setting you apart from heavier-packaged competition. If you’re placing less emphasis on bulky packaging, consumers may gravitate towards your product thinking it provides a better value as well.

5. Rethink the packaging.

Although not possible with all items, many brands have found creative ways to reduce the size or alter the shape of their products to curb or eliminate the need for packaging. Whether by condensing liquid formulas, incorporating packaging into the product, or arranging products in different ways, there are different ways that you can change the amount of packaging used without compromising product quality.

Develop Environmentally Friendly Packaging with the Help of JohnsByrne

At JohnsByrne, we understand the importance of sustainability in product design and packaging. Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your packaging better for the planet.

What changes could you make today to make your product packaging more eco-friendly?

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