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As e-commerce continues to expand and the retail environment—in terms of brand display—grows ever more sophisticated, it’s essential for brands to stay on trend with Premium Packaging Solutions: Following Trends with Real Brand Impact

Ever since the first cave paintings and sharing of tales around the campfire, we humans have been obsessed with sharing experiences as vividly as possible. Where Customer Experience Meets Social Media Buzz: Leveraging Unboxing Videos for Your Brand

Effective packaging is memorable to the consumer and sticks out amongst competitors. While bold colors and structures can help set your brand apart, creating a How to Elevate Your Brand with Sensory Packaging

As we enter the new year, there are several print and packaging trends that will continue to gain traction well into 2021, as well as Top 5 Innovative Packaging Trends for 2021

Looking for guidance to help you determine the right packaging for your brand? Before hiring a packaging design agency, it is important to understand their Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Packaging Design Agency

It is important for print and packaging providers to take every measure possible to get color-matching right across your packaging. The consistency of color is Color Matching – How to Precision

Many brands create multiple product lines, giving consumers a wider range of products to choose from, as well as giving consumers an opportunity to find Differentiating Multiple SKUs Within a Brand Family

It’s no question that the recent pandemic has sparked the conversation around onshoring suppliers. Faced with closed countries longer processing timeframes and requirements, many companies Onshoring Your Packaging? What to Look for In a Domestic Printer

Photo Credits: QR Code Generator Connected packaging is packaging that does more than just hold, protect and preserve the product. With connected packaging, the main Connected Packaging: How it Can Improve Your Brand?

Creating marketing and sales kits is a very effective way to promote your business. These kits are typically used by your sales team to help Creating Effective Packaging for Marketing and Sales Kits

The new year is just around the corner, with many new innovative packaging designs coming our way. Exciting colors, package structures, illustrations, and other designs 2020 Packaging Trends

The role of packaging has changed over the years. In today’s world of internet and online shopping, many feel like packaging matters less and less. Packaging Matters: 3 Purchasing Behavior Statistics Everyone Should Care About