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Photo Credits: Sienna Naturals Direct to consumer packaging, or e-commerce packaging, goes through a very different journey than the packaging on retail shelves. For one, direct-to-consumer Art of Direct to Consumer or Ecommerce Packaging

As more brands opt for e-commerce, it’s critical that packaging is adapted to be efficient and deliver a high-quality product to consumers’ doorsteps. According to Increasing the Efficiency of Your DTC Packaging – Tips from Our Packaging Experts

Photo Credits: Codexbeauty According to a PMMI study, 95% of consumers report packaging significantly affects their online purchase and almost half share their experience on How Ecommerce Brands Can Achieve Unboxing Experiences that Rival In-Store Shelf Branding

Direct to consumer is exactly as it sounds – it is packaging for products that are marketed and distributed directly to customers without the use How to Create Effective Direct to Consumer Packaging

If you’re like most consumers, chances are you buy many of your items – from food to electronics – online. The eCommerce market has expanded Top Challenges of eCommerce Packaging

The e-Commerce industry has a long road ahead of them. While e-Commerce only currently accounts for about 12% of the global retail market, there are The Present & Future Solutions of e-Commerce Packaging