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“So, can you run real wood through your printing press?” After 60+ years in business, we’ve fielded a few unusual, perhaps outrageous, requests from customers Tales from The Limitless Pressroom #1: Crazy Customer Requests about Custom Packaging

In the financial industry, relationships are key and welcome kits are a unique way to build lifelong loyal customers. When done correctly, an engaging welcome Launching a Credit Card Welcome Kit: Do’s and Don’ts

Photo Credits: Culligan Welcome kits are not only a great promotional tool for brands, but they are also a great way to create and improve 7 Custom Welcome Kits Your Brand Can Use

As with all marketing campaigns, there are successful direct mail campaigns and unsuccessful ones. But what makes a successful direct mail campaign? To answer that The Trifecta for Direct Mail Testing

While technology has changed the way we market to potential buyers, traditional direct mail campaigns should still play a part in car manufacturers’ marketing campaigns. Automotive Direct Mail – How Car Manufacturers Can Still Win Big

Why Use Direct Mail at All? Direct mail lasts longer. A study from Temple University recently found that direct mail resulted in longer engagement times 5 Direct Mail Innovations that Will make Your Next Marketing Campaign

In a day and age where the average adult receives 41 pounds of “junk mail” each year and throws 44% of it away unopened, direct Making Your Direct Mail POP

Direct mail promotions have entered a new era. In the second decade of the 21st Century, direct marketing has transformed, and now it is all Promotional Pop-Up Mailer Design Tips

The direct mail industry may have been around for a while, but innovation is no stranger to the industry. From using various stocks and structures Innovations in Direct Mail that are Changing the Playing Field for Marketers

Some direct mailers are designed as postcards, with the content displayed directly on the piece, but many still use envelopes, particularly when more information needs Turning the Traditional Direct Mail Envelope into Something Unique

Direct mail plays a crucial role in many marketing efforts, but it can be difficult to create a substantial impact. Consumers often reflexively throw away Why Direct Mail Paper Selection is Crucial to Success

Consumers are continually bombarded by advertising messages, and to be effective, a mailing piece must be above and beyond in quality, design, and appeal. Mailers Automotive Mailers That Work