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Child resistant (CR) packaging is packaging that is easy for adults to open, but is difficult for children ages 5 and under to open. Around Is Your Packaging <strong>Certified</strong> Child-Resistant? Important Things to Look Out For

Many household goods and pharmaceutical products must be contained in child resistant (CR) packaging to mitigate the risk of accidental poisoning by making it difficult Child Resistant Cartons Designed for Adults

Child resistant packaging was first developed in the late 1960s and has been mandated for certain products since 1970, when the Poison Prevention Packaging Act The 411 on Child Resistant Packaging Regulations

Ever since the Poison Prevention Packaging Act was passed in 1970, child-resistant packaging has played an integral role in decreasing the number of accidental poisonings How Child-Resistant Packaging is a “Must Have” for the Cannabis Market

Many of the regulations that exist in the packaging industry exist to protect consumer safety, and perhaps no group is more vulnerable and in need 4 Key Components of Child Resistant Packaging

Before your packaging can help sell your product on retailers’ shelves, it needs to get onto the shelves in the first place. Many industries have Is Your Packaging Supplier Helping You Meet Child Resistant Regulations?