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Paperboard folding cartons are a staple of retail packaging, and for good reason – they are specifically designed to attract and educate consumers as well Upgrading the Humble Paperboard Folding Carton

A cornerstone of secondary packaging is the paperboard folding carton. Paperboard stock is specifically formulated to crease easily and some stocks are purchased for their The Folding Carton Manufacturing Process

Even for experienced industry professionals, printing and packaging terminology can seem unclear at times. At JohnsByrne, our aspiration is to simplify that aspect of your Printing & Packaging Terms, Part 3: Tucks & Folds

Windows are a popular feature in packaging. They allow consumers to see, touch, feel, and get closer to your product. That said, there is a Trend: Custom Windowing for Packaging Folding Cartons

Although folding cartons are one of the most common types of product packaging, they do not need to be remotely ordinary. Instead, specialty folding cartons Folding Carton Styles that Jump off the Shelf

Great packaging is not a coincidence. It requires a great design, careful planning, testing and revisions along the way. It’s also the result of collaboration Folding Carton Packaging Design: How Working Together Makes for a Better Package

Although a folding carton is a commonly used packaging option for the health and beauty industry, no two cartons are alike. While they all share From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Enhancing the Folding Carton

When choosing packaging for a product, companies must take several factors into consideration. One of these is how to display their item within a package. 5 Benefits of Clear Plastic Folding Carton Designs

Packaging is everything when it comes to marketing your product. There are many ways to package a product, and chief among them, in terms of Choosing the Right Folding Carton for Your Packaging Needs