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Unique packaging is hard to come by. With so many products competing for attention on the shelf, achieving uniqueness is almost impossible. Whether it’s launching Unique Packaging Designs

With the holidays in full swing, we’re excited to bring back our annual 12 Days of JB Faves! Once again, we have an array of ‘12 Days of JohnsByrne Faves’ 2023 Holiday Packaging

JohnsByrne is pleased to announce that we’ve received an impressive seven awards in the categories of Innovation and Sustainability at the 80th Anniversary of the Unboxing Award-Winning Innovative & Sustainable Packaging

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Particularly if you’re a leader in the premium packaging industry, like JohnsByrne. After all, the holidays have ‘12 Days of JohnsByrne Faves’ Holiday Packaging

When you think about it, “sustainability” is far more than an environmental buzzword. Focusing on more sustainable packaging makes good business sense because a commitment Moving to “Next-Level” Sustainable Packaging Design

When you think about it, creating a truly successful package is very much like designing a performance luxury car where aesthetics meets engineering. The design “Design with the end in mind.” Structural Engineering and the JohnsByrne advantage.

A structural packaging design is an extremely effective way to make your packaging and your product stand out amongst your competitors. However, not all structural How to Approach Your Structural Design Project

Photo Credits: Wisconsin Hemp When a business is in a highly competitive market, it is imperative that their product stands out to consumers. An excellent packaging Structured Packaging – Adding Value & Avoiding Commoditized Packaging

Everything has a life cycle and this includes packaging. From the first inception of the packaging design to the moment it is opened by the The 5 Stages of Packaging You Need to Consider in the Design Process

In an age of soundbites and 10-second marketing videos, “Consumers don’t always read messages on the package,” notes renowned color expert and color forecaster, Leatrice How Your Packaging’s Visuals Impact Consumers

Keeping up with consumer behavior is never a static process, as cultures evolve. Packaging is a critical point in attracting consumer interest in a product, How Packaging Structures Influence Consumer Behavior

In the world of packaging, the term “white comp” generally refers to a white paper prototype model of the packaging design that allows the client Not All Packaging Is Created Equal