An Inside Look At TV Land’s “Younger” Press Kit

Published On: July 8, 2015

Younger, ” a TV comedy first aired on March 31, 2015 on TV Land, follows a 40-year old Liza, a single-mom trying to re-enter the workforce. Finding it difficult to enter the workforce at 40, Liza decides to pass as a 26 year old to land the job of her dreams. While getting the job may have been difficult, keeping the job (and her secret) turns out to be even more difficult.

To promote the comedy, TV Land sought out to create a unique press kit that would be both reflective of the series while being captivating and provocative. To achieve a one-of-a-kind promotional press kit, TV Land partnered with JohnsByrne packaging specialists.

Close up of kit

Let’s take a look at how TV Land’s “Younger” promotional kit went from idea to reality.

The Vision

TV Land’s vision for the press kit required a clear tie in with the series. Just as its main character, the kit had to be intricate, playful and mysterious all at the same time. To do this, TV Land’s designers created a unique design that was colorful, unique and intricate all at the same time.

The Components

The promotional kit features three parts—a book, sleeve, and shipper. The book was made from 60-pt. chip wrapped in Hyflex 7 covering material from Fiber Mark, with the internal pages consisting of 20-pt. C1S SBS convertible paperboard.

Front and back of Kit

The Structure

Creating a one-of-a-kind promo kit requires more than a standard folder. The collaboration between TV Land and JohnsByrne resulted in a multi-piece kit where each piece perfectly complements each other while at the same time creating an experience for the kit recipient.

Leveraging on JohnsByrne’s structural design experience, the TV Land’s team design of three separate components created an overall design structure that stands out among traditional kits.

structural packaging designs ebook

The Final Touches
With the structure solidified, JohnsByrne collaborated with TV Land designers to select appropriate coatings and finishes that would enhance the press kit’s overall design.

For a youthful and playful look, bold and bright colors were chosen. For additional impact and tactile properties, the packaging team at JohnsByrne applied various coatings, varnishes, and used foil stamping to add different layers of interest both visually and texturally. The expert combination of coatings and finishes effects resulted in an alluring piece that begs to be opened.

The Challenges

As with any project, TV Land’s promotional press kit presented the JohnsByrne team with a unique challenge. The intricate design of the letters that show through to give a new meaning (with and without the interior) presented an extremely challenging die cutting job.

To achieve TV Land’s design specification, the JohnsByrne team had to attain extreme precision and tight controls that can only be achieved through experience, state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned packaging specialists. The tight controls and precision resulted in a high quality look with crisp edges.

This one-of-a kind, cutting-edge effect creates a unique great visual impact that not only supports but also enhances the entire piece.

In collaboration with the packaging experts at JohnsByrne, TV Land’s finished product is a cohesive, attractive, and innovative promotional kit that’s sure to wow viewers.

TV Land’s “Younger” promotional kit is currently entered for this year’s Gold Ink Awards. Learn more about how JohnsByrne and TV Land worked together to dial in on innovation to set this this project apart.

Learn more about the project and Gold Ink Awards.

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