How To Balance A Scientific Look For Nutraceutical And Pharmaceutical Packaging

Published On: August 17, 2017

The formulation of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products should be based on rigorous scientific research, but that doesn’t mean that the brand’s image and packaging design should come across as overly scientific. Scientifically-developed products that are intended to improve health and wellness should be trusted as coming from a trusted authority, but they can also be deeply personal. With products like anti-aging creams or supplements to fight hair loss, a solid background of scientific evidence is imperative, but it is also important to acknowledge and communicate that these products can be part of a self-care regimen to keep consumers looking and feeling their best.

Striking Balance Through Packaging Design

Packaging solutions that appear to be based on science are often packaged in white or gray with minimal incorporation of color, and follow simple, minimalist designs. Scientific packaging is also typically based more on text than graphics. These elements can play an important role in establishing your brand as a credible scientific authority, but reliance on an overly-scientific packaging design can also make your product appear to be sterile or impersonal.

Although science provides the basis for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, these products also seek to promote a sense of well-being that is more personal in nature. Incorporating colored accents, softening the shape of the package, and adding a subtle graphic element are all effective methods by which you can ensure nutraceutical or pharmaceutical packaging has a more personal attraction and appeal.

Successful Nutraceutical and Skincare Packaging Designs

A packaging solution that is structurally innovative and unique can help to bridge the gap between the scientific and the personal, by both providing a pleasing visual and/or tactile experience and demonstrating ingenuity. Nerium Intl. is an example of a skincare line whose newly-updated packaging was well received when launched in 2015. Their sleek packaging consisted of a top lid, bottom base and a nested third piece in between. The result was a thin exposed band that carried various colors for different product types.

On the Cutting Edge of Packaging Innovation

At JohnsByrne, we pride ourselves on finding solutions for the most complex packaging issues. Our team of packaging experts is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible to meet our clients’ packaging needs, and our passion is bringing a branding vision to life with an innovative packaging solutions. We specialize in highly customized, high-end packaging that is designed specifically for and in close collaboration with our clients. If you need a new structural design or special effect to strike that balance between the scientific and the personal for your nutraceutical or pharmaceutical packaging, our team is here to help. Just give us a call to find out more about what we can do for you.

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