Choosing The Right Folding Carton For Your Packaging Needs

Published On: October 1, 2014

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Packaging is everything when it comes to marketing your product. There are many ways to package a product, and chief among them, in terms of convenience, is a folding carton. Folding cartons also allow for maximum customizability when it comes to showing off your brand. To properly select an appropriate type of carton, consider the following questions:

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What are your packaging goals?

Whether you are looking to pack, beauty products, consumer electronics, food, beverages, or anything in-between, there are available solutions tailored to your specific needs. The key is determining which packaging is right for your specific situation. In order to pair your product with the perfect solution, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Manufacturing. How does packaging play into your manufacturing and fulfillment processes? Whether your products are produced by hand or with automated assistance, your packaging design needs will differ depending on the folding carton manufacturer that you use.
  • Shipping. What is your preferred shipping method and how many units do you need to include in a single shipment to meet the demands of your distributors/retailers? The answers to these questions will have a major impact on the type of packaging you choose.
  • Shelving. What is your vision for presentation on the shelf? This is arguably the most important factor to consider, as it will determine your packaging solution.
  • Budget. Finally, you can’t forget about cost. All other considerations must produce a packaging choice that comfortably falls within your production budget.

How should your product appear on shelves?

As mentioned, your shelving needs require careful consideration. For example, how will your product appear on an ideal shelf display? Will it be positioned to show maximum messaging, brand and carton aesthetics, or is maximizing the quantity per square inch the highest priority? Does it have an opening allowing the consumer to “try me?” Is your product packaged to emphasize its visibility? Will they want to try your product, hold it, or see it through the box? Give thought to how consumers will interact with your product in stores.

How must your high-end decorative cartons perform on the shelf?

A major consideration is how highly decorated cartons with luxurious finishing effects will “stand up” once they are on the shelf. Will the cartons be strong enough to withstand the environment? Will the cartons’ embossings and/or specialty inks/coatings endure the constant consumer handling before the purchase? It’s important to remember that products often spend an extended period of time on display and need to look fresh and new throughout their shelf life. This is especially true for high-end decorative cartons that contain a premium product.

How fragile is your product?

Whether in the manufacturing, shipping, or distribution process, you must give thought to the product’s breakability or penetrability, and also that of any interior packing system. Is your product secured inside the carton with corrugated or VAC form inserts, shrink-wrapped or banded? These factors may predicate some security or indicate a lack of necessary protection. Think about your product as a whole; is it okay for consumers to toss your product into a cart beneath a dozen others?

Pressing the Limits

Once you have answered these questions, you can begin to devise a list of your priorities for product packaging. As one of the most experienced and reliable product packaging companies in the industry, JohnsByrne offers different types of solutions for different products and can outfit these solutions and make your vision a reality. We prioritize taking time to guide our clients through the decision process.

From the “mild” to the “wild,” we offer options for any budget. Whether you have a specific starting point or want to introduce an entirely new element, we are more than willing to discuss your options.

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