How Packaging Makes Consumers Fall In Love With Your Brand

Published On: February 18, 2016

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean “love” should take a hiatus. Just like humans fall in love, there’s a lot to be said about how packaging woos consumers into falling in love with your brand. From love at first sight to long-term relationships, packaging plays a critical role in seducing and building loyalty with consumers.

Let’s see just how similar packaging and “true love” are.

Making the Effort

Holiday Box

Life is no fairytale with prince charming waiting to sweep you off your feet. It takes effort to sweep someone off his or her feet. When it comes to consumers, the same principle is applicable. You can’t expect consumers to instantly fall in love with your product or brand. It takes clear understanding of your target audience, their desires and a concentrated effort to deliver on these that piques consumers’ interest. The extra added effort, whether it’s in the form of unique structures, specialty print effects, textures or other, is what takes them from shelf to checkout.

Communicating Clearly

Innovative Packaging

Surprisingly, much of human communication is through non-verbal cues such as body language. When it comes to your brand, your communication, especially non-verbal communication, should be consistent and critical for engaging consumers. Packaging plays an integral part in communicating your brand message, personality and promise. Ensuring your folding carton packaging, set-up box packaging or specialty packaging communicates all these elements is paramount to creating a long-lasting relationship with consumers.

Warranting Attention

Whether it’s a great smile or a particular look, people are attracted to unique features. Consumers are no different. When consumers go shopping, they typically already have something in mind that they’re looking for. Getting them to notice your product on the shelf takes a real shelf standout. Packaging is your best ally for warranting attention from consumers. Whether it’s a structural element, color or print effects, your packaging is the trigger that gets you product in the hands of consumers. Increase your potential by designing innovative packaging that stops consumers dead in their tracks.

packaging trends

Having the ‘Total Package’

Specialty Kit- Printing Design

Just ask anyone and they’ll tell you that finding the ‘total package’ is no easy task. When it comes to your product packaging, the delivering on the total package is what turns a fling into a happily-ever-after with your brand. After a consumer has picked up your package off the shelf, the potential for a long-term relationship is still up in the air. You still have to make the case for why they should trust and buy your product. Your packaging, from its design to the content on it, should clearly make a case for them to buy and believe in your product. Properly designed and executed, packaging will get consumers to say ‘yes.’

Fall in Love with Your Packaging

Packaging is a critical component of your overall brand, sales and marketing efforts. If you aren’t in love with your packaging, or your packaging is not wooing consumers, it’s time to rethink your packaging. Whether you need a refresh or need to make a stronger case with your packaging, having product packaging that engages and converts consumers into long-time customers requires expertise and innovation that go beyond the basics. Contact a packaging specialist at JohnsByrne to discuss how we can help you create stunning packaging designs that turn heads and are the total package!

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