How Promotional Cartons Motivate Shoppers To Purchase

Published On: June 25, 2015

Manufacturers, marketers and designers can agree on one thing: great packaging drives sales. When it comes to the retail environment, creating a package design that stands out is only part of the equation. Whether it’s hair care products or fragrances, great promotional packaging motivates shopper behavior.

Here are 5 ways to use promotional cartons to spark positive shopper behavior.

1. Bundled Product Packaging

Bundling products in an attractive packaging is a clear and uncomplicated way to increase overall product usage. By bundling complementary products together, shoppers feel they are getting a better value than by buying the individual products separately, thus increasing the total sale as well as overall product usage.

2. Gift with Purchase Packaging

Reward loyal customers with gift bonuses

For brands that are trying to expand shopper’s usage of a particular product line or introduce a loyal customer to a new product, promotional cartons are an ideal way to do it. After all, who doesn’t like a free sample? Whether it’s adding a free sample of a complementary product or travel size, brands can strengthen product awareness and encourage loyal customers to buy additional products through cross-promotional packaging with gift with purchase (GWP) promotional packaging.

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3. Future Offers on Packaging

Special packaging with coupons or the like, are an instant way to build repeat sales and increase shopper loyalty.  According to a Forrester Consulting study on coupon usage, 68% of survey respondents revealed that coupons strengthened brand loyalty. A packaging design that promotes a future offer can help brands meet both current and future sales goals.

4. Value-Added Packaging 

Increase delight in customers with free giveaway with purchase

When consumers are considering making a purchase, a little extra something can be the tipping point that gets them to the cash register. Value-added packaging is a unique way to drive purchases, whether planned or unplanned. By adding something of value to the core product, consumers feel special and lucky to not only get the product they were looking for, but also a little unexpected bonus that is perfectly aligned with the demographic. See the free Kid Rock t-shirt that was given away with the Jim Beam whisky, a perfect value add!

5. Special or Limited Edition Packaging

Limited Edition Packaging Urge Customer Purchases

Whether you’re packaging for a seasonal holiday or want to enhance your product, creating a limited edition or special edition packaging design creates a sense of urgency in shoppers that results in higher sales figures than your standard packaging design might be able to do. A special design with unique features demands attention and incites shoppers to make a purchase.

The Folding Carton – A Perfect, Flexible Vehicle for Your Promotion

Folding cartons offer brand creatives and packaging designers an incredible amount of flexibility to highlight products in a unique way that not only tells the brand story, but also helps motivate shopper behavior. The folding carton, a simple shape, can be transformed into a unique package that does more than just look pretty on the shelf. By adding unique features such as windowing or custom die cuts, a traditional carton can be transformed into a package that demands attention and allows brands to drive marketing goals.

Whether your carton includes a gift with purchase or a value-add, a well-designed promotional folding carton can help any brand cross-promote product lines, introduce new products, encourage repeat sales and build customer loyalty.

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