Packaging & Selling Nutraceuticals In An Online Market

Published On: June 16, 2015

In 1989, Stephen Defelice, chairman and founder of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, developed the term “nutraceutical” as a way to categorize foods, beverages and supplements that provide medical or health benefits to consumers, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Today, the nutraceutical market is one of the fastest-growing markets. Consisting of functional foods and beverages, supplements, cosmetics and more, this market is one in which customers do a good deal of research to make sure the products are of high quality and provide the benefits they claim to.

Differentiating Your Nutraceutical Product Online

Products in the nutraceutical category are widely sold through e-commerce sites, doctor’s websites and other online platforms. E-commerce is a great opportunity to reach a global customer base without the expense of a brick and mortar store. However, there are specific considerations to keep in mind when operating an online nutraceutical business.

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Increase Packaging Presence from the Screen

Products sold online and not in stores require enhanced packaging. Because customers can’t pick up the package to judge the look and feel of it, it needs to stand out on the screen. This means that a great deal of care must be taken to create a compelling logo and branding, an innovative container, structural design, and color schemes that will entice your market to buy. This means that the packaging must be more expensive-looking to increase perceived value and convince online buyers that it is a “real”, credible product.

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Be Transparent

Customers are not only researching the products, but the company itself. To lend credibility and inherent value to the brand, include photos and information about the company and its founders. Consumers like seeing that there are real people behind the company. Including information about charitable causes supported can go a long way, too.

Educate Consumers

Distributing information to your well-informed customer base is key. Your company website should include various types of educational materials, such as blogs, articles, press releases and newsletters. The products and price points should be clear, and you should adhere to legal marketing speech rather than subjective or vague claims. Meaning, refraining from claiming the product can cure disease or other conditions, unless of course, if that has been approved by the FDA.

But just looking the part is not enough. When the customer receives the product in the mail, it needs to feel high-end, credible and convey efficacy. Investing in additional packaging options, such as high-end inserts, stickers, foil stamping and telescoping boxes will ensure your product appears to have the value your customers are looking for.

Clear & Effective Communication

While packaging is typically what initially entices consumers, label content is what educates consumers about a product’s benefits and is what ultimately makes the sale. An effective nutraceutical label is simple, meaning it provides key information needed for a consumer to make a quick purchase decision. The front or primary display panel is often the best place to make distinctive and attention-grabbing claims, but be wary of overstating product benefits. A crowded label may be too confusing or seem unrealistic.

As well as offering a simple, attractive design, a label should communicate a brief but explanatory message designed to make the consumer feel comfortable purchasing the product. One way of doing this is to refrain from being too scientific, and to make only reasonable claims. The message should also be optimistic with specific, value-added information while appealing to the target demographic.

Creating successful nutraceutical packaging that sells your product online requires the help of packaging experts like JohnsByrne. We can identify and develop customized packaging for each and every product and help you design a packaging that will make your product stand out, even on screen.

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