JohnsByrne North American Paperboard Packaging Competition Awards For 2018

Published On: November 6, 2018

The PPC (Paperboard Packaging Council) presents awards for the most outstanding innovations in the packaging industry. Numerous entries are made every year and only the best, most innovative, and most visually appealing are awarded. Once again, in 2018, JohnsByrne is the recipient of the “Paperboard Package of the Year” for their work on the Decemberists I’ll Be Your Girl Boxset and the Innovation Award for their Green Dot child-resistant carton.


Photo Credits: Decemberists Shop

This slipcase and popup album cover for indie band The Decemberists is something truly extraordinary to behold – receiving not only the overall “Paperboard Package of the Year” but the “Gold” award also. The whimsical, interactive design was envisioned to appeal the band’s dedicated fanbase. Within the rigid slipcase something interesting, unique, and compelling is revealed – a book that transforms into a geometric pinwheel. Within the pinwheel, fans will discover unique pop-ups, specialty die-cut features, and page-turning features with vinyl pockets, each revealed through the user’s journey –an adventure in aesthetic design, color, form, and texture.

Along with the ability to form and reform the package to find hidden treasures, fans are treated to an autographed booklet and a hidden “Illimat” card for the original card game invented by the Decemberists for their fans. The design brings a ceremonial vibe to the boxset.

Called the “Exploded Edition,” this boxset’s most intriguing and impressive feature is the pop-up pinwheel page-turning factor. The entire concept was planned down to the finest creative detail, and truly explodes with unique features never before seen in a boxed set. The packaging is not only innovative and shockingly interesting to touch and experience, it is durable and capable of withstanding engagement by users, over and over.

A true work of art, it was a collaborative work that included the design agency Smog, band manager, and the band members themselves. To bring even more to the design, hidden surprises continue to engage and surprise as this unique package unfolds in the hands of the user. It’s no surprise that this packaging took home a “Gold” award and received the prestigious overall award for “Paperboard Package of the Year”.


The innovative team at JohnsByrne is the recipient of the Innovation Award for Green Dot Full Spectrum. The unique structure of the packaging of this cannabis product is certified child-resistant, a critical feature for all cannabis products. Green Dot decided to partner with JohnsByrne and incorporate their state-of-the-art CR packaging solution, EPIK LOK. EPIK LOK uses the highest Compliance Standards and Green Dot recognized this packaging as the safest most secure option for their Green Dot Full Spectrum product. To open the packaging requires pressing down on two pressure-release tabs, and then sliding an addition tab into a slot.

Beyond the high level security this packaging offers consumers, the package has a uniquely luxe quality that draws the eye, the hand, and the consumer.

The JohnsByrne team faced some challenges in developing the EPIK LOK packaging, as it came with two problems: the locking mechanism must not be able to be operated by any child, but must be easy to use for adults, including seniors. The packaging must be single assembly, and provide full bite, chew, and saliva resistance. Normal packaging concepts were out the window, as glue flaps, edges, corners and exposed trays all pose a risk of access by children.

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The JohnsByrne team took these challenges in stride and were able to produce a remarkable packaging innovation with a structure and locking mechanism that will prove to be useful for a range of pharmaceutical products in various sizes and shapes.

JohnsByrne is engaged in created innovative designs for a range of industries and doesn’t buy into the status quo. Rather than taking the approach that it cannot be done the design team assumes it can be done – and works out a way to accomplish what seemed impossible. It is of interest to note that in many cases, a better design proves to be more affordable. Don’t assume that the wheel can’t be reinvented. At JohnsByrne, that’s our approach, from initial concept, to design, to the most advanced printing methods with the goal of achieving maximum consumer appeal.

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